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West of the Moon


Our first collab with the lovely people at Dominion City Brewing Co. T-E-A-M-W-O-R-K-!

Our vision was to brew two variations on a theme, using the same hops but entirely different water profiles, yeast, and hopping schedules.

Bellwoods has created West of the Moon, a west-ish coast IPA with Cali ale yeast, a hard water profile, and a relatively high bittering hop addition. (Don’t @ us, ours is a tad hazy).

Dominion has created East of the Sun, an east coast IPA, with NE style yeast, a soft water profile, and low bittering hop additions. 

Together they showcase the multitude of hoppy outcomes that come from similar beginnings!

6.5% Alc./Vol. | 473mL can