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Vines Sangria (Merlot with Cranberry, Cara Cara, Lime and Orange Zest)

$8.85 / Can
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Grape Ale w/ Merlot, Cranberry, Cara Cara, Lime and Orange Zest
6.5% ALC./VOL.

Vines is a wine-influenced series that celebrates barrel aged wild beer and locally grown grapes. 

This particular Vines started in the same fashion as the others in our wine-influence series: by inoculating wort with yeast from pressed grape skins. While it was maturing and mulling things over in barrels, so were we. Where do we take this elixir after its ses jours in oak?, we wondered. Enter: Vines Sangria. For optimal beer/wine hybrid status, we turned to our wine-based mood board for inspiration and our next steps were clear: blend the barrels together and further condition the beer on Merlot, Cranberry, Cara Cara, Lime and Orange Zest.

Allergens: Barley, Spelt, Wheat
Available for Pickup:
Ossington Ave
Hafis Rd