4.0% ALC./VOL.

We’ve long admired Sonnen Hill’s lagers, so it was a real treat to get Calum Hill in for this team brew. The name, Sonny B, is a small tip of the cap to a certain nostalgic orange juice as well as a portmanteau-esque combination of Sonnen Hill and Bellwoods. The beer itself also encapsulates two entities. It has one foot in the traditional lager camp — a place where biscuit and honey notes reign supreme — and one foot in a realm where characteristics indicative of a more experimental iteration of the lager style flourish, i.e. aromas of guava candies and sauv blanc grapes. 

We’re thinking of it as a Tropical Lager, and you can think of it as what you want to drink next. 

Allergens: Barley