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Runes (Simcoe, Sterling & Lupulin)

Double Dry Hopped IPA
6.7% ALC./VOL.

In a nutshell, Runes is an IPA series we created to explore the interplay of lupulin powder and regular hops in beer. For those purely concerned with flavour notes, skip on ahead, but for anyone interested in what the hell 'lupulin powder' is, let's take a second to get nerdy. This proprietary product is a concentrated form of hops, comprising all the essential acids and oils that you love, but none of the excess, space-consuming vegetal matter that brewers hate. Consider it a high-tech beer for nerds and non-nerds alike.

What it smells and tastes like: Intense aromas and flavours of fresh cantaloupe, green pepper, black peppercorns and naval orange. Very soft and smooth mouthfeel with a dry finish.