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Runes (Citra, Mosaic & Lupulin Powder)

Double Dry Hopped IPA
6.7% ALC./VOL.

Adding to our diverse line up of hoppy offerings comes a beer that focuses and experiments with the interplay of two hop varieties. If Monogamy showcases the power and prowess of one single hop, Runes sweeps in to demonstrate all the ways that two hops change and elevate one another, when in a loving and committed relationship. 10 out of 10 marriage counsellors agree, it's the best beer. But if you're looking for the Cole's notes, it's also just designed to be a delicious, hazy, IPA with high drinkability and low bitterness.

What it smells and tastes like: This combination of hops leads to aromas and flavours of peach, fresh berries and orange. Light in body, with a well balanced bitterness.