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Motley Cru - Pink Guava (2022)

Spontaneous Coolship Beer
7.1% ALC./VOL.

Motley Cru is not one particular beer but a catch-all designation for the beer we’ve decided to release to mark the completion of another lap around the sun. This iteration of our anniversary beer is particularly special because the beer itself is an ode to the Lambic beer that inspired us to get into beer-making in the first place and the anniversary in question is our tenth!

Motley Cru 2022 is a three year blend of spontaneous coolship beer. It was aged in neutral barrels and blended together to our taste, with the more mature beer providing classic wild fermentation characteristics and the younger beer exhibiting clean and fruity qualities. Combined, they provide the best of both worlds. In striking our preferred balance between older and newer barrels, we were also striving to create a beer that is simultaneously true to what we do and a nod to what Belgian Lambic breweries have been doing for centuries.

This batch is conditioned on loads of pink guava. 

Allergens: Barley, Wheat