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Motley Cru (2019)

Barrel Aged Blend of Wild Ales Conditioned on Cab Franc Grapes
8.5% ALC./VOL.

After ample time spent in the presence of an ensemble of wild bugs, ruminating on life’s big questions, within a humble oak abode fit for extended hibernation, comes the esteemed, idiosyncratic, and delicious Motley Cru 2019.

An ode to natural wines, this anniversary release utilizes Cab Franc grapes from Rosewood Estates that were lightly pressed in the making of their rosé, and several barrels of our spontaneous and wild ales. We fermented the eclectic blend on grape skins for 5 weeks, carefully aged it in oak for a year, before allowing it to condition naturally in the bottle.

What it smells like, what it tastes like, what it looks like: A perfect storm of rich tannins, restrained acidity to showcase the grapes, great textural complexity, and a striking berry hue. The sensory notes encompass everything from black tea, rosemary, subtle tobacco, and earth, to jammy raspberry, currants, stewed strawberries, and pomegranate.