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Motley Cru (2016)

Niagara Wild Ale Blend w/ Gewürztraminer
8.0% ALC./VOL.

Each year we release a special beer in celebration of our anniversary, with the only requirement being that it must incorporate a blend of different barrel aged beers. The resulting beer fits no single style category, and often includes several strains of brett and/or lactic acid producing bacteria.

Our 2016 version is new territory for us, as we decided to forego commercial brewer's yeast, instead pitching Gewürztraminer grape must from Tawse into our wort as the only source of (wild) yeast and bacteria. Fortuitously, the fermentation was a success!

This Gewürz beer was blended with a sour ale (80/20 Gewürz/sour) and both were aged in French oak barrels (from Tawse as well) for 2 years. The beer that has emerged is an ode to our local microflora, made possible by some humble grapes. The aromatics are distinctly bright and vinous, characterized by floral notes of lilac alongside black pepper. The flavour has a nice acidity, and showcases complex layers of brett funk, citrus, white grape, apple, and lychee, within a dry, drinkable body. It's yum town.