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Motley Cru (2015)

Sour Red Ale Aged in Oak w/ Ontario Pinot Noir Grapes
8.7% ALC./VOL.

Motley Cru surfaces just once a year, to commemorate our anniversary.

The genesis of Motley Cru 2015 began 3 years ago. It’s a beer that was in the works as we opened for our first day of business back in 2012, that was being closely monitored before we even had a bottle shop, and that we were testing and tasting on regimented schedule as we, Planet Earthians, traversed 3 complete orbits of the sun.

In blending a variety of barrel-aged beers you’re able to craft a final beer that contains every flavour note and aromatic you love. And in harnessing a mosaic of wild yeast and bacteria strains over time, within the porous oak, that give us funky, tart, and sour flavours, you can craft beers that achieve complexities beyond that of regular brewer’s yeast. Barrel-aging allows you to experiment with a new spectrum of delicious flavours; blending allows you to play favourites.

MC 2015 utilizes a blend of sour red ales in barrels that ranged in age from 1-3 years. A mix of wild yeast and bacteria strains lend brett-derived qualities of leather, cherry, and barnyard, and encourage lactic sourness with just a touch of acetic. The pinot noir grapes from Tawse winery were a no brainer to incorporate (stay tuned for more collaborations with Tawse), imparting soft fruity flavours, and ascribing an element of Ontario terroir to the mix. There’s rhubarb, oak, and cantaloupe in the aromatics, with a tantalizing hint of the acidity to follow. The flavour comes in layers, with notes of wild strawberry, rich oak, subtle spice, and sherry, that culminate in a decisive sourness that’s well-rounded and pleasing without being mouth-puckering. The body is delicate and carbonation light, allowing the vast assembly of flavours to play centre-stage in this refined and drinkable beer. Bold characteristics of ‘taking ourselves too seriously’ are accented by nuanced tones of ‘just taste it’. Finishes with strong notes of ‘you won’t regret it’.