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Motley Cru (2013)

Barrel Aged Belgian Sour Ale
11.0% ALC./VOL.

Motley Cru surfaces just once a year, to commemorate our anniversary.

By selecting barrels that had been aging for over a year, we were able to extract some of the very first beers brewed here at Bellwoods. Aided by the help of a veritable army of bugs, this blend of a sour, golden Tripel with a fruity, barrel-aged Quad is deliciously complex, showcasing leathery notes from Brettanomyces alongside cherry, red grape, and a muted tartness that offsets the residual sweetness. On one hand, Motley Cru is a culmination of our efforts over the first year of operations, on the other, it's just a perfect beer to sip and savour.

Having gone through an initial fermentation, a fermentation with wild yeast, and refermentation in the bottle with champagne yeast, this beer is effectively triple fermented.