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Life is Relentless

Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout w/ Coffee
11.2% ALC./VOL.

Life is Relentless is an irrefutably true statement, a catch-all response to anything going awry, and the name of our new Barrel Aged Imperial Stout w/ Coffee.

This stout was aged in bourbon barrels and paired with a single origin, natural process Ethiopian bean from Stereo Coffee: Agaro Yukro #5, which is known for having fruitier characteristics over roasty notes. In an instance of things going to plan in a seamless, synergistic fashion, these extremely fresh beans were added to the beer within hours of roasting. That said, Rocky got a flat tire when we went to pick them up, because, well, life is f*#&ing relentless.

Mercifully, significant toil and effort on earth can yield absolutely delicious results — therein lies the upshot of relentlessness. Unabating deliciousness? Unending enjoyment? Sign me up! This decadent and full-bodied Imperial Stout ticks both of these boxes and imparts intense flavours of cocoa and coffee, complemented by a solid backbone of anise and molasses. It drinks smooth while still incorporating a warming, boozy finish. Think bourbon-inoculated Coffee Crisp, sprinkled with crème brûlée crust. It’s the perfect accompaniment (and antidote!) to drudgery, oppressive constants, and death by a thousand cuts. Would equally suit curling up with your cat/dog/book/snake and taking a moment to yourself to sip on something nice made with unrelenting care. Everything is fine!

Barley, Oats, Wheat