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Jelly Royale (Fruta Picada)

Smoothie Sour
5.0% ALC./VOL.

What is the perfect percentage of fruit in a fruit beer? That is the question.

Jelly Royale looks like a smoothie, smells like a cornucopia of tropical fruit, and tastes... otherworldly.

This thick (and we mean thick) elixir is the Bellwoods take on a Smoothie Sour style, using Jelly King as a foundation, generously blending in pineapple and mango purée, and then finishing with lime juice, and chilli. The ratio, if you're interested, is a whopping 1:1 beer to fruit.

Not for the purists or faint of palate!

Drink fresh, keep refrigerated, contains unfermented fruit.

Allergens: Barley, Wheat, Oats