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Dry Hopped Sour Ale w/ Fruit
4.5% ALC./VOL.

A sessionable, passionfruit sour brewed in collaboration with Magic Rock brewery out of the UK, this beer is a mash up of our beloved Jelly King, and their "Salty Kiss" (a fruited gose). We wanted to focus on the relative low abv of Salty Kiss, the pleasing acidity of Jelly King, and then marry those elements with a tropical fruit. Passionfruit seemed to be a no-brainer, acting as the perfect flavour to round out this celebratory barley pop.

What it smells like, what it tastes like: A bright, fruity beer with a light, easy-drinking body. Lots of passionfruit notes (duh), with subtle pops of raspberry seed, and apricot.