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Intermodal Peach (2022)

$15.92 / Bottle
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Spontaneous Ale with Peach
6.6% ALC./VOL.

Intermodal is our 100% spontaneously inoculated wild beer, created in a style inspired by traditional lambic producers. The project began with a traditional turbid wort recipe and an overnight slumber in our outdoor coolship. Exposed to the elements, and subject to the late fall temperatures, the wort was cooled gradually, and joined by the finest wild yeast and microorganisms capable of transforming it into beer. 

This year, for the first time, we have enough spontaneous beer on hand to pursue new endeavours — namely putting three barrels of 2-year-old spon on an equal amount of fresh Ontario freestone peaches.

Unsurprisingly, the resulting beer harnesses the power of all those perfectly ripe peaches, with fuzzy peach skin aroma and fresh peach flesh flavour. Balanced medium acidity and some subtle brett esters are complimented by aged hop characteristics. In short, long-term labour-intensive projects (and peaches) rule.

Allergens: Barley, Wheat
Available for Pickup:
Ossington Ave
Hafis Rd