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I'm Not Dead

Imperial Stout
10.2% ALC./VOL.

For the second time ever, we’re releasing the foundational beer used in our BOYD series in its un-barrel aged state. I'm Not Dead is a chewy, rich, and toasty imperial stout.

You've probably heard the advised rule of thumb for cooking with wine (if you wouldn't enjoy a glass of it, don't pour it in your food), and the same logic applies here.

A final note about Imperial Stouts that we thought worth mentioning given the questions we've fielded over the years: they aren't all the same! Body, finishing gravity, hops, bitterness, flavours (that encompass dark chocolate, milk chocolate, coffee, caramel, molasses, etc) can vary wildly from stout to stout, and this one veers firmly into chewy (we like body), rich (we don't skimp on oomph), and toasty (mmm roasted malts) territory.

Allergens: Barley, Oats