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Skeleton Key Vanilla & Coffee (2018)

Spiced Imperial Stout Aged in Rum Barrels and Conditioned on Coffee
10.9% ALC./VOL.

Released annually, Skeleton Key is our rum barrel aged imperial stout, spiced with a mélange of ginger, all spice, black pepper, cardamom, cinnamon, star anise, nutmeg, juniper berries, and vanilla. Because we do our best to be multi-faceted (in life, and in brewing) we upped the ante with this 2018 version and pulled off enough beer on blending day to make 2 additional variants. Must I remind you what the spice of life is?

What it smells and tastes like: We take the already delicious barrel aged spiced stout, and then circulate it through Propeller coffee beans for a smooth, cold brew effect. The result is a unique paradise for anyone who relies on the mood-booster of a morning coffee. If you have doubts about this pairing, there may not be hope for you.