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Holiday Gift Bundle — Bellwoods Starter Pack

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 We're biased, but we think beer is a fantastic way to show gratitude.

Think of the Bellwoods Starter Pack Bundle as a 101 level crash course in our beer — once you've tasted your way through the entirety, you'll have touched on the foundational styles and flavours that this brewery was built upon. 

Jutsu is our flagship Pale Ale, known for huge aromatics and low bitterness, Roman Candle is our longstanding IPA with unparalleled hop sensory notes, Bellweiser is our take on an "old world" PIlsner, and Jelly King is a Dry-Hopped Sour (a style we pioneered!) that has earned the status of "cult classic". 

The Bellwoods Starter Pack Bundle contains:

 1 x 473mL can Jutsu - Pale Ale

 1 x 473mL can Bellweiser - Pilsner

1 x 473mL can Roman Candle - IPA 

 1 x 500mL bottle Jelly King - Dry Hopped Sour

 1 x Bellwoods Bell Logo Pub Glass

1 x Bellwoods Mini Keychain Bottle Opener

1 x Bellwoods Chenille Patch

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Available for Pickup:
Ossington Ave
Hafis Rd