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Holiday Gift Box -- Thank You!

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We're biased, but we think beer is a fantastic way to show gratitude.

Say thank you to someone special in your life -- a helpful neighbour, kind teacher, or good friend -- with this simple but thoughtful gift pack full of our favourites. 

Fresh cans and bottles plus a Bellwoods glass and steel bottle opener. The best fermented thank you!

The Thank You Gift Box contains:

 1 x 473mL can Jutsu - Pale Ale

 1 x 473mL can Bellweiser - Pilsner

 1 x 473mL can Roman Candle - IPA

 1 x 500mL bottle Jelly King - Dry Hopped Sour

 1 x 473mL bottle Jelly King - Dry Hopped Sour w/ Cranberry & Tangerine

 1 x 473mL bottle White Picket Fence - Blended Foeder Saison

 1 x Bellwoods Bell Logo Pub Glass

 1 x Bellwoods Stainless Steel Bottle Opener


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Available for Pickup:
Ossington Ave
Hafis Rd