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Fizzy Blaster

Barrel Aged Double Sour Ale w/ Apricot, Plum & Vanilla
6.0% ALC./VOL.

In the dead of an extraordinarily ominous winter last year, a vision came to us out of the darkness -- a pure beacon of light, in beer form. An effervescent, mind-bending, electric shock capable of resuscitating our frozen hearts, and crestfallen minds. Our task? Translate the profound intensity of a laser beam into a bottle of beer.

Introducing our newest beer series and antidote for the unknown: humans, meet Fizzy Blaster, a barrel aged, double sour, with apricot, plum, and vanilla. The acidity level is unsubtle, the fruit flavour is vivid, the experience is over-the-top. It’ll put a zing in your step! Electrify your tastebuds! Zip zap your palate!

What it smells like, what it tastes like: Bold acidity is met with intense flavours of apricot, baking spice, plum skin and cereal marshmallow. Dry finish, with tight carbonation and a touch of cedar.