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Come What May Dry Hopped

Foeder Aged Hoppy Brett Beer
5.0% ALC./VOL.

Come What May is a farmhouse style beer made without 'traditional' saison yeast. Hopped assertively and aged extensively in foeders, the blend takes on layers of refreshing and refined flavours. Crisp, bitter, and lightly tart, it's a complex beer that's easy to drink. This edition receives a final, floral dry hop late in the process, just prior to packaging to enhance aroma. Created as an ode to our previous collaboration with De La Senne.

What it smells like, what it tastes like: The additional time in wood expands an already interesting Brett induced funk and the inclusion of the dry hop has added notes of lime zest, cut grass and a grapefruity west coast hop profile to the base beer. 

Allergens: Barley, Wheat, Spelt