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Coffee Oatmeal Stout

Coffee Oatmeal Stout
6.4% ALC./VOL.

A new lil' diddy from the brewpub, with a creative stretch of a name to boot. And while coffee and oatmeal aren't a duo that have never joined forces before, they do so with utmost harmony in this one. I'd like to think that we -- you the Bellwoods aficionado, and me, the omniscient voice of Bellwoods beer write ups -- are on close enough terms now that I can share embarrassing snippets of my life. So I need to mention that the weird passionfruit flavoured chocolate bar I picked up from the corner store the other day, while particularly hangry before dinner, ended up being the most perfect pairing with this beer. It was so good that I stopped for a moment in the kitchen and was transported to a magical flavour utopia.

What it smells and tastes like: After conditioning on 10lbs of Ace espresso beans, the resulting stout emerged rich with flavours and aromas of toasty, roasty, coffee and dark chocolate.