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Black Liquids Vol. 8

Imperial Stout Brewed w/ Coconut Mylko & Reunion Coffee
9.3% ALC./VOL.

Our newest series celebrates the deliciousness of a bold, chewy stout that’s more than a little bit extra. Black Liquids are rich and chocolatey, with a toasty malt backbone and a generous dose of dessert-esque adjuncts. It’s essentially the beer version of saying “yes” to whipped cream on that hot chocolate.

Volume 8: The latest volume in the Black Liquids series takes notes from the draught only Black Liquids Volume #3 – we started with generous doses of Reunion Coffee Roasters coffee and Mylko (an organic coconut milk), then conditioned it further on toasted coconut. The resulting beer is extremely decadent, carries notes of freshly brewed coffee and tastes just like liquified chocolate covered macaroons.