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Black Liquids Vol. 6

Imperial Stout w/ Strawberry & Vanilla
9.0% ALC./VOL.

Our newest series celebrates the deliciousness of a bold, chewy stout that’s more than a little bit extra. Black Liquids are rich and chocolatey, with a toasty malt backbone and a generous dose of dessert-esque adjuncts. It’s essentially the beer version of saying “yes” to whipped cream on that hot chocolate.

Volume 6: Volume 6 combines the effortlessly perfect duo that is strawberries and vanilla, and then pairs it with a chocolatey malt foundation -- and yet, no single ingredient is overwhelmed by another. The body is velvety, the berry flavours add subtle sweetness, and the rich cocoa and smooth vanilla notes round out the beer. It’s a serious experience for the palate.