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Bellweiser Mini 5L Keg

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For the first time, we are releasing mini kegs filled with 5L of our star Pilsner, Bellweiser! These are perfect for holiday parties, New Year's Eve, or whenever you want to feel like you're at the brewpub without leaving your couch. 

Bellweiser has a pale malt body, firm bitter backbone, and noble-esque hops. The dry-hop on this one is almost non-existent to make room for lots of yeast-derived aromatics, and the resulting beer crosses off all the "crisp", "clean", and "refreshing" boxes you need it to. It has light floral aromatics, a soft bitterness in the finish, and is easy to drink (and even easier when it's in a mini keg!).

Allergens: Barley
Available for Pickup:
Ossington Ave
Hafis Rd