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Barn Owl No.1

Barrel Aged Sour Brett Ale w/ Ginger, Apricot & Cranberry
8.5% ALC./VOL.

The ongoing barrel blend series is named Barn Owl, as a nod to the wise and exacting animal that keeps watch over the farmhouse. Released sporadically throughout the year, just as soon as we deem the barrels ripe for the picking, these beers will be one-off creations never to be replicated again.

Blend No.1 — barrel-aged 12-18 months with ginger, apricot, and cranberry — is a strangely harmonious combination of flavours that work together seamlessly, in a style that almost lends itself more to cocktails than beer. Aromatics of candied apricot, ginger, warming spices and soft brett, give way to moderate acidity balanced by bright, juicy flavours that reference the tart cranberries. Great medium body and an off-dry finish.