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Barn Owl No.31

Barrel Aged Wild Ale Blend Naturally Fermented on Sauv Blanc Skins
7.4% ALC./VOL.

Barn Owl is a series of one-off, barrel-aged creations that are released sporadically throughout the year, just as soon as we deem them ripe for picking. 

Our 31st blend is a mix of spontaneous ales (meaning they’re fermented with wild yeast, not “occurring as a result of a sudden inner impulse”) that fermented on pressed Sauvignon Blanc skins from the friendly folks at Paradise Grapevine.

It's the perfect option for those who love low acidity, saison-esque flavours, and a hint of oak. 

Curious about the sibling beer to Barn Owl #31? Blend #32 shares the same foundation of beers, but was fermented on pressed Cab Franc skins.

Interested in more beer/wine hybrids? Our Vines series is reconditioned on a variety of wine grapes and the following versions are available now: 

Vines Chambourcin
Vines Riesling
Vines Sauv Blanc

Allergens: Barley, Spelt, Oats