Carbon Capture

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The Green Velvet IPA in your hands is the first of its kind from Bellwoods, and it represents a huge step towards closing the loop on our carbon usage. For context, carbon dioxide is normally released into the atmosphere during fermentation (because hungry yeast produces CO2 and alcohol), and then purchased in tanks from industrial suppliers (because finished beer needs bubbles) come packaging time. But in this new scenario, and moving forward, Bellwoods will have recycled CO2 to access, made possible by the industry-altering system from Earthly Labs

This modest but mighty piece of equipment — which works to intercept CO2 from fermentations, scrub it of impurities, turn it into a liquid state, and store it for future use — is already changing our manufacturing processes, and reducing our impact on the environment. 

All this to say, your purchase signals support for green initiatives in both our brewery and the industry at large. Carbonation never tasted so good!