A Beer They Made


A Beer They Made is a collaborative project started by our very own Packaging Lead, Renée Parr (they/them) and by Kat Michaud (they/them) of Nod Hill Brewery in Ridgefield, CT, with the goal of raising awareness about trans, non-binary and gender-fluid folks working within the beer industry. 

Below is a collection of local queer/trans/non binary/two-spirited artists and businesses Renée put together, as well as gender affirming care and training resources. 

Support resources 

Transgender Support Resources (by province)

Mental Health resources —  LGBTQ+ (40 countries)

Training resources to help build inclusive spaces

Make a Donation — Trans Youth/trans specific  (519 toronto)


Toronto artists and businesses :

Aria Evans (They/She/He)

Aria Evans is an award winning, afro-indiginous, queer Toronto/Tkarón:to based interdisciplinary artist working in dance, theatre and film and is the art director of @Politicalmovement, a contemporary dance theater from a social and political lens.

Aria’s personal mandate is to showcase diversity by representing Turtle Island’s rich cultural landscape.

Learn More / @politicalmovement

Heath V. Salazar, Gay Jesus (They/Them)

Heath is a queer, latinx performer based in Toronto. They are a staple in the LGBTQ+ community who displays a deep, powerful passion for social justice and community building. Gay Jesus combines drag and burlesque to engage audiences in political conversation. 

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Low Life Lolas 

A Toronto indie rock quartet led by non-binary songwriter Renee Parr (They/Them). They grip listeners' attention with their big shiny guitar sounds, and haunting vocals. Parr writes lyrics through their queer and political lens, touching on heartbreak and struggles we can all relate to.

@lowlifelolas / Listen Here

Patrick Hunter (He, Him)

Patrick Hunter is a 2 Spirit Ojibway artist based in Toronto, he is best known for his paintings in the Woodland art style. Patrick’s dream to create a positive future for his people has led him to become the first Artist in Residence for the Prince’s Trust Canada, a Royal charity in which aides in the reclamation of Indigenous languages in Canada.

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Queer Run Businesses:


Grassroots, volunteer run non-profit that provides trans and non-binary folx PWYC/FREE access to safe gender affirming products.


Toronto Denim Repair (Penny, he/him)

A west end, Queer/Trans owned and operated denim repair service shop in Toronto. Penny Forde is a Denim repair specialist - he discovered his passion for working with denim after apprenticing under local experts and a head tailor and management position at Dutil on queen west. 

Facebook / Learn More

Toronto Commercial Photography (Julie Riemersma, She/They)

LGBTQ+Owned photography studio. Julie works closely with the drag community here in Toronto. They also offer services in fashion, portraits and product photography. 


Glad Day Bookshop

Glad Day is the first queer focused Canadian bookstore and the oldest queer bookstore worldwide. Serving the LGBTQ2S+ community since 1970. They offer the widest possible selection of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, two-spirit and queer literature.

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