A Beer They Made


A Beer They Made is a collaborative project started by our very own Ren Parr (they/them) with the goal of raising awareness about trans, non-binary and gender-fluid folks working within the beer industry. 

“A Beer They Made began as a project to highlight and connect trans and non binary (non cis) folk in the beer industry. It naturally developed in a deeper way than I expected, connecting this community, allies and the people of Toronto sharing their passions and skills, and promoting safe spaces where queer and racialized communities can feel seen and celebrated.”
— Ren Parr, Packaging Manager

This year we've teamed up with the Queer Songbook Orchestra, a 14-piece professional chamber pop ensemble dedicated to utilizing story and song to express, honour and elevate 2SLGBTQ+ experience. The beer we made together takes the form of a highly drinkable Lager made with hand-picked dandelions. And what complements a crisp, refreshing lager with a subtle botanical note? Music, of course! On July 12th, the QSO will take over our Ossington brewpub for an intimate concert, paired with A Beer They Made — a delicious beer that we worked together to develop, brew and package for you to enjoy. Please join us! Tickets below.


Queer Songbook Orchestra

Photo credit - Roya DelSol

The Queer Songbook Orchestra (QSO) is a 14-piece professional chamber pop ensemble dedicated to utilizing story and song to express, honour and elevate 2SLGBTQ+ experience, while providing opportunities for mentorship and other supports to queer, trans, questioning and allied youth. Founded in 2014 by Artistic Director Shaun Brodie, the QSO has toured extensively throughout Canada and worked with 200+ collaborators to bring 2SLGBTQ+ experience to centre stage. 

The Queer Songbook Youth Orchestra (QSYO) is a brand new Toronto based pop orchestra initiative for young musicians in the GTA who identify as 2SLGBTQ+ and their allies. Modelled after the Queer Songbook Orchestra (QSO) in concept and intent, the QSYO aims to provide an avenue for queer, trans, questioning and allied youth to further their musical training while actively engaging in 2SLGBTQ+ representation and community building. 

Kids of Heart & Mind is a collaborative work presented by a team of cross-discipline professional artists from the 2SLGBTQ+ community. Weaving together story and song, the performance is an interactive exploration of identity and acceptance, developed for classrooms and communities to nurture understanding and inspire discussion and expression in support of how we feel inside. This is an interactive performance piece aimed at creating dialogue, art and understanding of 2SLGBTQ+ experience, and to inspire inclusivity, love and acceptance.

What a Please click the link below to support the QSO and their broader mentorship and educational projects.

QSYO debut performance, featuring Elizabeth and Beverly Glenn Copeland, June 2022, Yonge & Dundas Square. Photo credit - Cassandra Popescu.