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100 (Simcoe & Citra)

100% Wheat Pale Ale
5.0% ALC./VOL.

Tired of all that barley in your beer? Had enough of those 'regular' ales? Then you need to go your own way and grab a 100! Of course I'm joking, because beers made with barley are delicious, but as it turns out, so is this experimental ice cold cruiser made with 100% wheat. And don't be a dummy like me and ask, "So there's no barley at all in this?" -- No! Hence the 100% part.

What it smells like, what it tastes like: With juicy aromatics of navel orange and nectarine, and a light, pithy flavour, this beer perfectly marries low-bitterness crushability with voluminous body. Balanced, refreshing, and easy to pair with any night of the week.