Beer Recommended

Farmageddon (Batch 18) Foeder Aged Wild Ale Single $7.08
Mexican Lager Lager Single $4.65
Jelly King Prickly Pear and Pink Guava Dry Hopped Sour Ale w/ Fruit Single $6.64
Monogamy Mega Motueka Single Hop IPA Single $5.09
Mystery Beer Single $7.08
Purple Paisley IPA Single $5.09
IPA Mixed Pack IPA Single $30.52
Vinesmania 4-Pack Grape Ales 4-Pack $50.97 Save 10%
Vines Cab Franc 2022 Grape Ale Single $14.16
Donkey Venom Cherry Barrel Aged Dark Sour w/ Cherry Single $8.85
Grandma's Boy: Shiro (2022) Wild Ale Blend w/ Shiro Plums Single $14.16
A Stout With Coffee (Feat. Sam James Coffee Bar) Coffee Stout Single $4.42Case (24) $95.47 Save 10%
PIG IPA West Coast Style IPA Single $4.42
Vines Chambourcin (2021) Grape Ale Single $14.16
Vines Sauv Blanc (2021) Grape Ale Single $14.16
Vines Riesling (2021) Grape Ale Single $14.16
Double Ratclops Double IPA Single $4.87
Jelly King Can Dry Hopped Sour Ale Single $5.75
Green Velvet IPA Single $4.42Case (24) $95.47 Save 10%
Come What May Dry Hopped Foeder Aged Hoppy Brett Beer Single $6.64
Donkey Venom Barrel Aged Dark Sour Single $7.08
White Picket Fence Blended Foeder Saison Single $7.08
Roman Candle IPA Single $3.98Case (24) $85.87 Save 10%
Ghost Orchid IPA Single $4.42
Cat Lady IPA Single $4.42