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Sugar Sugar House House (2024) Imperial IPA w/ Ontario Maple Syrup Single $5.75
Old Primeval Rye Rye Barrel Aged Imperial Stout Single $17.70
Intermodal (2023) Spontaneous Ale Single $12.38
Intermodal Cherry (2023) Spontaneous Ale with Cherry Single $14.15
Grandma's Boy: Shiro (2022) Wild Ale Blend w/ Shiro Plums Single $14.16
Jelly King Passionfruit, Orange & Guava Dry Hopped Sour Ale w/ Fruit Single $6.64
Vines Chambourcin (2021) Grape Ale Single $14.16
Vines Riesling (2021) Grape Ale Single $14.16
Donkey Venom Barrel Aged Dark Sour Single $7.08
Ghost Orchid IPA Single $4.42
Brettal Head Foeder Aged Pale Ale Single $7.08
Hellweiser Dark Lager Single $4.42
Roman Candle IPA Single $3.98Case (24) $85.87 Save 10%
White Picket Fence Blended Foeder Saison Single $7.08
Very Green Velvet DIPA Single $5.53
Jelly King Prickly Pear and Pink Guava Dry Hopped Sour Ale w/ Fruit Single $6.64
Ultra Premium Lager Premium Lager Single $3.10