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Non-Alcoholic Jelly King Dry Hopped Sour w/ Mango, Guava and Passionfruit

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0.5% ALC./VOL. 473mL

Non-Alcoholic Jelly King is the culmination of our efforts to make a non-alc beer in Jelly King’s image, and one that can convincingly wear the Jelly King crown. We don’t often toot our own horn, but we’re really happy with the results.

Jelly King translates well to a non-alc version, as many of the flavours that make it so nice to drink come from the yeast and the bacteria used in the brewing process. We sour the base of both the beer and the non-alc in the same way, and this results in interesting, predominantly peachy characteristics brought on by mixed fermentation.

This limited edition Non-Alc Jelly King variant was conditioned on loads of mango, guava and passionfruit. Tropical, zesty and delicious! 

Allergens: Barley, Wheat, Oats
Available for Pickup:
Ossington Ave
Hafis Rd