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Donkey Venom - Black Currant (2018)


One of the first aged sours to leave oak at Bellwoods, Donkey Venom is a complex beer that we've brewed and blended many times over the years -- constantly subject to our relentless process of refinement. At its roots it's a rich, dark ale, but the time it spends in barrels with brett and bacteria harmonizes the ingredients, yielding bright levels of acidity and complimentary fruit flavours. A hybrid style of sorts, that defies simple categorization.

This variant of Donkey Venom was conditioned on black currants.

ABV: 8.5%

What it smells and tastes like: The addition of black currants to this variant of Donkey Venom introduces a bold level of acidity and is characterized by more subtle notes of dark fruits, earth, and smoke.


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