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Bottle Conditioned Brett Saison

A special edition of our classic Farmhouse Saison, this version is aged in Brett barrels for 4-6 months. Because we're such a micro operation, each batch of Farmageddon varies slightly, reflecting the small blends we do, never combining more than 8-10 barrels. In some barrels we use more Brett Brux, in others Brett Lambicus. If this all sounds confusing, fear not — all you need to know is that the refined, effervescent beer that hibernates in these bottles is a dynamic labour of love, changing and improving with time.

The Details


Straw yellow

Alcohol by volume

7.2% ABV

What it smells like, what it tastes like

A blended, brett barrel-aged special edition of our Farmhouse Classic. Subtle, cider-like tart flavours, aromatics of fruit, leather, hay and wood vary in strength from blend to blend depending on the microflora used in the blended barrels. Bottles are bottle conditioned for a further 6-8 weeks prior to sale. Draft is force carbonated.

How it fits into our beer line up

The [barrel-aged] blond with brains.

Things it pairs well with

BBQ, that pepper-crusted bacon I just bought from Loblaws, whatever you’re eating right now.

You might like it if you like

Refined things with crazy names, long-weekends.

The Dorky Details

How long this stuff takes to make

4-6 months


Pilsner, Pale, Wheat, Flaked Wheat


Bravo, Styrian Goldings


Saison (originally), Brettanomyces, Champagne (secondary fermentation)

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